• 1945: The National Bowling Council (ABC, WIBC, Proprietors, and Manufacturers) created the American Junior Bowling Congress (AJBC)
  • 1950’s: Several Long Island proprietors created their own junior programs
  • 1959: The National Bowling Council creates a training program for coaches which several Long Island reps (Bill Seirup and Milt Raymore) attended. Both ran a two-day school to train instructors.
  • Early 1960’s: Two annual junior tournaments were run; a Christmas singles and doubles and the Mail-O-Graphic.
  • 1960’s: Clinics were held all over Long Island with as many as 1,600 junior bowlers attending. In 1962 there were 6,003 junior bowlers registered
  • 1973: The first NYS Junior Tournament was run
  • 1974: The first Junior Masters was run
  • 1975: The first Junior Leader school was run with 37 kids attending
  • 1977: The Nassau-Suffolk Bowling Council, who ran the AJBC program on Long Island was dissolved and a new Nassau-Suffolk Junior Bowling Association was formed.
  • 1977-78: Long Island Youth membership hits its peak with 18,157 members
  • 1981: A national unified Junior Association was formed under ABC-WIBC. The new group was called Young American Bowling Alliance (YABA).