The greatest honor any bowler can receive is election to the LIUSBC Hall of Fame. The LIUSBC Hall of Fame includes some of the greatest bowlers of all time (performance category) and legends in the industry that made a difference (meritorious category.) There are 134 inductees in the LIUSBC Hall of Fame with 5 new members that will be inducted in 2020.

The Hall of Fame is dedicated to those bowling members from the Long Island USBC area who have demonstrated exemplary performance in aiding the progress of the game of American Ten-Pins at the Local, State, or National level. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize and perpetuate the names of those men and women who have achieved superior performance and/or who have contributed through meritorious service.

Meritorious Service: The great sport of bowling could not thrive with just the bowlers. There are countless individuals who work hard every day to ensure the integrity of the game is upheld.

Superior Performance: Bowlers are inducted in this category because their performance is worthy of a superior status based on their outstanding achievements in all phases of bowling; maintaining a high regard and respect for the game; and contributing extraordinary time and effort in support of the game.

The LIUSBC has a Hall of Fame committee evaluates the credentials of all candidates. At the annual LIUSBC meeting the Hall of Fame committee presents their recommendations on who should be inducted. The list of candidates is then voted on by the general membership that attends the annual meeting.

The LIUSBC is proud to present its current Hall of Fame members:

* indicates the Hall of Famer is deceased

2023Adam Chase2004Ray Edwards1987Miriam "Mimi" Hughes*
2023Michael Perrone2004Joani Sheldon*1987Leo Ladman
2023Eileen Shultis2004Yvonne Francis1986Mike Kilgannon
2022Robert Vollaro2004Carole Lee1986Frank Varipapa*
2022Stacey Zink2003Candace "Candy" Acampora*1986Bobbie Wiener
2021Florence "Flo" Janovsky2003Joanne Byrne1985Sis Mantovani
2020Patrick Allen2003Paul LaMar1985John "Rocky" Roecklein*
2020Donald Genalo2003Bob Brust1985Joan Streck
2020Chris Viale2002Gerry Teel1984Bill Voorhees*
2020Mike Limongello2001Debbie Angst1983Mary Baker*
2020Rudy Kasimakis2001Sandy Ingraffia*1983Fred Ridolf*
2019Richard Thomas2001Ronnie Willets1983Roy Ryan
2019Michael Serigano*2001Phil Cardinale1982Annese Kelly
2018John Ripple2000Linda Diorio*1982Tony Kusky*
2018John LaSpina2000"Doc" Doctorow*1981Clara "Skip" Oliver*
2017Vito Genova2000Frank Messina Jr.*1981Henry Feinberg*
2017Michael Fagan2000Tom DeChalus*1980Helen Edwin*
2016Ian Lang1999Grace Johnson*1980Stan Lewis*
2016Sandy Catalano*1999Buzz Goodman1978John Spadaro*
2015Joseph Saccente1998Pauline Case1977Marie Baxter*
2015Nunzio Morra1998Debbie Kress*1977Gus Lombardi*
2015Jack Soper1998Ralph Hartmann*1977Ray Van Cott*
2014Tom Luccisano1997Ralph Bevilacqua*1976Irene Kreidler*
2014Joe Traina1997Anna Bell Heidenreich1976Nick Mormando*
2014Marge Spano*1997Grace Kersten*1975Mary Siegal*
2014Sid Weihs*1997Jack Kuhn1975Ralph Siegel*
2014Les Shirwindt1996Gloria O'Connor*1974Frank Caprise Jr
2013Claudia Cinelli1996Alphonse Pujol1974Warren Matthias*
2013Tom Laskow1995Kathy Cavicchi1973Dick Carmody*
2012Margaret (Peggy) Atkins1995Penny Noller*1973Eleanor Thompson*
2012Ed Metzendorf1994Phil Caporusso1970Dick Clemente
2012Debbi Vilardi1994Roger Cox*1969Vaughan Gramley*
2011Ranee Jackson1994Mike Elders*1967Ed Burhop*
2011Mike Dioguardo1994Peter Hakim1966Fred Voelpel*
2010Chris Keller1993Bruno Di Capite*1965Irene Richards
2008Diane Grub1993Lorraine Fricke*1965Andy Varipapa*
2008Vinny Cosenza1993"Doc" Iandoli1965Helen Whitten*
2008Bob Valentino1992Susan George1964Lou Geissler
2007Natalie Tagliaferro1991John Caprise1964Frank Kuranda
2007Blanche Krill*1991John Slota1964Eddie Heineman*
2007Julie Krill*1991Joe Killen*1964Lil Valentine-Larrson
2007Alex Bogolubsky1990Owen Doran1963Joe Falcaro*
2006Diana Kurrass1990Gary Shultis1963Bob Zellner*
2006Carol Elson1990Chin Thompson*1962Bob Benn
2006Mike Gibiser1989Helen Case*1962Vic Edwin*
2006Brian Ziesig1989Dot Maguire*1962Oskar Frowein*
2006Bob Berongi*1989Jim Maguire*1962Lil Oliver*
2006Patti Cacioppo1989Sandy Ritz-Dart1962Buddy Russell*
2005Jackie Kurrass1989Barbara Shelton*1987Ranae Adams*
2005George Kurrass1988Nance Enis1987Reuben Dankoff*
2005Joe Biscardi1988Ernie Petersen*
1988Bibsy Wansor*