Becoming a USBC sanction bowler allows you to be an official member of the USBC. Being a part of USBC comes with many benefits plus helps keeps our great sport growing. Here is a list of some of the benefits you receive when joining the LIUSBC:

  • Permits you to compete in a sanction league
  • Allows you to compete in sanction tournaments
  • Makes you eligible for special awards such as a 300 or 800
  • Posts your average on which allows you to carry an official average
  • Keeps track of your achievements
  • Allows you to compete in USBC national, state, and local tournaments
  • You will receive an official sanction card
  • Gives you access to
  • Allows youth bowlers to compete in youth events with added scholarship money

There are additional benefits the USBC has created for its members. Click here to view special discounts and offers exclusively for USBC members.