The LIUSBC calendar is being supported by the finest bowling clubs in our area. These clubs have provided the LIUSBC with their event dates so bowlers can have one place to see what tournaments are being offered each weekend. These are all well run tournaments that are highly recommended by its followers.

The following private tournament clubs are supporting the LIUSBC calendar:

The Grand Masters & NE Senior Challenge: This organization offers tournaments for scratch bowlers 50 & over. The Grand Masters runs its events on Long Island and the NE Senior Chal- lenge runs their events in New Jersey. Most events are 5 games plus finals. There are separate divisions for different age groups. For more information on the Grand Masters please visit their website at:

Long Island Generations Bowling Tour (LIGBT): The LIGBT is an organization that runs handicap tournaments year-round. Most of their 30+ events are run on sport patterns but the LIGBT does run a few house shot tournaments (and marathons) throughout the year. The LIGBT is one of the largest bowling clubs in the US with over 3,400 members. For more information on the LIGBT please visit their website at:

Long Island Youth Bowing Tour (LIYBT): The LIYBT runs events for youth bowlers (21 and under) twice a month throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. Vito Genova has been running this fine organization since 1993 and has paid out over $500,000 in scholarship money through SMART. For more information on LIYBT please visit their website at:

New England Bowling Association (NEBA): NEBA is a non-profit, membership run bowling organization that offers scratch tournaments throughout the northeast region. NEBA is one of the most prestigious bowling organizations in the country and was established in 1963. NEBA runs approximately 2 scratch tournaments per month for some of the finest bowlers in our area. For more information on NEBA please visit their website at:

Many Styles of Bowling Events (by LaRue): LaRue Marlow is a fantastic bowling promoter that runs about 6 tournaments per year. These are fun affordable tournaments that cater to all levels of bowlers. LaRue’s events run in New York and New Jersey. For more information on LaRue events please visit his Facebook page.