Long Island USBC History

Striking Through Time: A Journey Through Long Island USBC History

The Long Island USBC charter was created in May 2006 for the start of the 2006/2007 Bowling Season. Where did Long Island USBC come from? Eastern Long Island Bowling Association, Nassau County Women’s Bowling Association, Suffolk County Women’s Bowling Association and YABA (Young American Bowling Alliance) were merged into one Association, creating the Long Island USBC.

The first President of Long Island USBC (LIUSBC) was voted on during the Annual Membership Meeting in June 2006 and Candace “Candy” Acampora became the first President of LIUSBC. Following the passing of Candy Acampora, Irwin Bergman took over as President of Long Island USBC and was President through the 2010/2011 Bowling Season. Anthony Martinez was the third President of Long Island USBC and served three terms as President. Anthony’s Presidency started during the 2011/2012 season and concluded at the end of the 2020/2021 Bowling Season. The fourth and current President of Long Island USBC is Diana Walter. Diana Walter began her first term as President at the start of the 2021/2022 Bowling Season.

A big part of Long Island USBC is the Youth Committee. The mission of the Youth Committee is to cultivate opportunities to grow youth bowling through services, developmental programs, and competitions. The Youth Committee monitors and promotes youth programs as well as making recommendations regarding youth-specific benefits, youth-specific events, and youth leader programs to the LIUSBC Board. This committee also presents recommended rule changes and youth dues to the LIUSBC Board.

Arnold “Doc” Doctorow was the First Youth Chair for the LIUSBC Youth Committee. Doc continued to be the Youth Chair, until his passing in 2018. Doc was and continues to be one of the most beloved members of LIUSBC.

Upon Doc’s passing, then President Anthony Martinez appointed Diana Walter to become the new Youth Chair of Long Island USBC. With Board approval, Diana became the second Youth Chair of Long Island USBC and continues to work with the board, bowlers, and youth of Long Island. Afterall, the youth are the future of OUR sport!

Historical Long Island Bowler Moments

October 16, 2017 – 26-year-old Joseph Novara bowled thirty-six strikes in a row for a perfect 900 series during a sanctioned league at East Islip Lanes. First ever on Long Island, 34th on record, approved by the USBC.

April 25, 2019 – 26-year-old Jeremy Milito bowled the second perfect 900 series on Long Island at Farmingdale Lanes, 36th on record approved by USBC.

USBC Individual Records

High Female Youth Series

879 – Hannah Manetta – July 5th, 2017

3rd Highest Female Series

879 – Hannah Manetta – July 5th, 2017

USBC Team Records

Open, Four Player

1st 1165 DAHS All Stars, Levittown, NY 9/30/2010

Christopher Hagan (300), Michael Mcglynn (300), Jonathan Orsini (288), Brian Ziesig (277)

2nd 1158 Grumpy Old Men & the Juniors, Syosset, NY 2/28/2012

Thomas Colon (300), Joseph Gemmo Sr. (258), Justin Juarez (300), Joseph Verini (300)

3rd 1157 Wacky’s Hair Salon, Baldwin, NY 4/9/2008

Alex Cavagnaro (300), Ian Lang (287), Peter Rodriguez (290), Jason Varvaro (280)

Four Game, Mixed, 2 Player

1st 2151 Debbi Vilardi/Anthony D’Elia, Plainview, NY 8/10/2011

3rd 2111 Dianne Grub/Gary Shultis, Plainview, NY 7/18/2007

Four Game, Open, 4 Player

2nd 3251 DAHS All Stars, Levittown, NY 9/30/2010

Christopher Hagan, Michael Mcglynn, Jonathan Orsini, Brian Ziesig

Three Game, Mixed, 2 Player

4th 1630 Patti Cacioppo/Joe Biscardi, Plainview, NY 7/22/1998

5th 1628 Kathy Cavicchi/Tommy Delutz Jr, Plainview, NY 6/11/2008

NYSUSBC Queens Champions

1974 Rita Cascone

1975 Barbara Shelton

1981 Pat Riley Prezioso

1990 Anna Bell

2001 Classified Div Juanita Bright

2002 Patty Cacioppo

2002 Classified Div Mary Jones

2006 Diana Walter

2009 Classified Div Marlene Mirabile

2013 Classified Div Marlene Mirabile

2014 Shannon Sellens

2014 Classified Div Kristina Porter

2015 Shannon Sellens

2016 Shannon Sellens

2017 Shannon Sellens

NYSUSBC Masters Champions & Runner-Ups



Runner – Up

2014 Alex Cavagnaro
2017 Rob Gotterbarn Jr. Mike Dioguardo
2022 Alex Cavagnaro
2023 Paul Bajorski Mike Martell
2024 Michael Mirabile