The Long Island United States Bowling Congress Association (LIUSBC) is one of over 4,000 local USBC associations that has been chartered to oversee sanctioned league and tournament competition. We are a non-profit (501c3) corporation who’s goals are to promote the sport of bowling, enforce USBC rules, and sanction all leagues.

The LIUSBC is one of the largest USBC associations with more than 10,000 adult members and close to 1,000 youth bowlers. The LIUSBC oversees leagues in 29 different centers that contain 1,003 lanes. The annual budget exceeds $100,000 per year.

The LIUSBC is funded through sanction fees which are collected from league members. Additional revenue is collected from sponsors, donations, and income from tournaments. ALL SPONSOR MONEY AND DONATIONS ARE 100% RETURNED TO OUR MEMBERS IN THE FORM OF YOUTH SCHOLARSHIPS AND MONEY ADDED TO LIUSBC TOURNAMENTS. A financial statement is available to any member wishing to review LIUSBC finances.

The LIUSBC rents an office in Centereach which is located behind AMF Centereach. The office is staffed with 2 part-time staff members and is overseen by the Association Manager Karl Nystrom. The office is by appointment only.

The LIUSBC has a Board of Directors which are voted in by the members. The LIUSBC President is Anthony Martinez, the 1st Vice-President is Diana Walter, and the 2nd Vice-President is Jayu Kulkarni. There are directors and house reps which support the board by helping out in the office, assist at tournaments, and work with the league secretaries. Click here for a list of all of the officers and directors.

The LIUSBC has a very active youth program that oversees all youth leagues and events. A youth committee, that is headed by Diana Walter, works with the youth directors, runs youth tournaments, and develops future youth leaders. Over $10,000 in scholarships each year are distributed by the LIUSBC youth programs.

The LIUSBC is a very active and progressive organization. We are constantly trying to improve and expand the sport of bowling and to increase benefits to our members. The engine that makes the LIUSBC successful are the volunteers. Anyone that would like to become involved with the LIUSBC as a director, officer, house rep, or delegate should contact Karl Nystrom (