Centereach, NY: Governor Cuomo announced starting today, Friday, November 13, 2020, any business owning a New York State liquor license must be closed to the public by 10pm. This includes bowling centers which must turn off their machines by the 10pm deadline. The 10pm deadline must be followed for the next 30 days.

The USBC has no specific rules regarding this type of situation but suggests the following:

  • If possible, leagues should start earlier to guarantee they finish by 10pm
  • Contingency plans should be in place if some teams have not completed their league session by the 10pm deadline. All league bowlers should be informed of these options.
  • The LIUSBC suggests the following options if a league is not completed by 10pm:
    • All unfinished frames will be filled by giving each bowler 10% of their absent score for each frame not completed.
    • Teams have the option to finish the game at an agreed time, but this should be completed within 48 hours to allow the secretary to calculate averages and update league standings.
  • Leagues are permitted to lower the number of bowlers per team, to speed up play, but this rule change must be unanimously approved by all team captains.

The LIUSBC will keep everyone updated if there is a change to these rules. Please be safe and enjoy our great game of bowling.