Long Island is finally beginning to re-open as we enter Phase 1 in the New York State economic start-up. We are all concerned with our health and hope everyone will adhere to the new normal of wearing masks and social distancing when leaving home.

As far are bowling centers re-opening NYS unfortunately has our sport in Phase 4 which means the soonest we can expect any bowling activity is July. Even when centers re-open there will be major restrictions on the number of lanes allowed to be used and the number of bowlers per lane. As of yet, New York State has not released details on the bowling restrictions.

The New York State Bowling Proprietors are trying to get bowling moved up to Phase 3. If you would like to help open bowling centers sooner, you should call your State Assemblyman and State Senator. We have attached a list of your representative, and their contact information, based on the center you bowl or reside.

The LIUSBC has no opinion on whether bowling should be in Phase 4 or not. We are here to pass on this information to our members and let you make your own decision. If you would like to see centers open sooner than in Phase 4 please contact your representative.

Click here for elected officials document

Please stay safe and we hope to see you soon at your center.