March 20, 2020

To the members of Long Island USBC:

This afternoon, following along the lines of the governors’ mandate, the decision was made to close the association’s office at AMF Centereach. We will continue to work remotely from our homes and keep you updated on any USBC announcements.

Please note the following:

  • The calendar sweepstakes drawing will continue without interruption. If you win a prize, you can call the office when it reopens, and arrangements will be made for presentation when the bowling centers resume operation.
  • The prizes for the Seniors Handicap Singles event at Bowl Long Island have not been issued and will be done as soon as possible once the office resumes operation.
  • The complete results from the Adult/Junior event at Port Jeff Bowl have not been finalized. The tournament committee will continue to work on the results and publish the final standings as soon as possible.

Once New York State allows the office to reopen we will inform you when LIUSBC returns to full operation. The Board of directors of LIUSBC will continue to be of assistance to answer any questions that arise or listen to any concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance.

Stay healthy and safe.

Anthony Martinez