September 1, 2019

Centereach, NY: Over the past 9 months the LIUSBC has gone through a major overhaul. Most of the staff was replaced, vendor contracts were re-negotiated, and a complete fiscal review was completed. The 2019-20 season will offer members new benefits, additional tournaments, and a team that will support all your bowling needs.

The LIUSBC office, which is located behind AMF Centereach, will be open a minimum of 3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings (9am-noon) plus a minimum of one night per week (Wednesday evenings 6pm-9pm.) Members looking to visit the office at a different time can make an appointment and an LIUSBC rep will make themselves available.

Although the office is not open full time, the phone will be answered by our new Association Manager, Karl Nystrom most days. Even if Karl is not available when someone calls, their inquiry will be returned the same day in most cases. The LIUSBC will post on the website additional times a representative will be in the office.

Over the summer The LIUSBC Board reviewed its programs and is pleased to announce the following changes.

  • Awards (patches) will no longer be distributed to adults but will still be distributed to youth bowlers. The reason for this change was the cost of purchasing, processing, and distributing the awards was prohibitive plus most award recipients threw them out when receiving them.
  • The Bowler of the Month program has been discontinued due to lack of interest. There were many months no one applied for the award.
  • The LIUSBC will be distributing to every sanction bowler a 2020 wall calendar with tournament dates for LIUSBC events and most of the local bowling clubs. In addition, all LIUSBC meetings and function dates will be listed.
  • The calendar will also include a $20,000 sweepstakes where up to 100 prizes will be won by LIUSBC members. Each calendar will have a unique 5-digit number, and twice a week, the LIUSBC using a random number generator app, will announce the winning number. The winning numbers will be posted on
  • The LIUSBC will be running over 20 tournaments this season. The adult tournaments will have in excess of $20,000 in added money and youth tournaments will have $2,000 in scholarships added. A variety of formats will allow all LIUSBC members to participate.
  • All tournament flyers and the entire season schedule will be available to the members by October 15th. By knowing when the tournaments are running members can now better plan their tournament schedule.
  • The LIUSBC has completely revised its website. Bowlers can now enter any tournament on-line, can download any of the tournament entry forms, and get a ton of information on local events.

The LIUSBC is continually looking for ways to increase benefits to its 10,000+ adult members and 2,000+ youth bowlers. Please call our office if you want to suggest an idea or join our volunteer group. Our contact information is 631.737.0825 or e-mail; .